Tarot Reading

Feeling lost and in need of direction in your life? Stuck in a challenge you can't figure out how to move past? A Tarot reading consultation can help give you the clarity & guidance you need to navigate your situation successfully.

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Tarot Learning

My self-paced course & workbook provides ultra to upper beginners alike a fun, safe and holistic learning experience as well as a solid foundation in the art of Taromancy.

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Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of clarity and self-discovery to your loved ones using the wisdom that the Tarot cards and Numerology has to offer.

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Numerology Reading

Who were you before the world told you who you should be? A Numerology reading consultation enables the discovery of your true nature as well as unlock the gifts and potentials you were born with.

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Transformation Life Coaching

Whether you are in need of getting to know yourself again, getting a roadmap to your transformation or an accountability partner to keep you on track, this 60-minute coaching session is designed to jumpstart your transformation journey. 

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Speaking Engagements_Anette Robert

Speaking Engagements

If your community, organization or corporation could benefit from creating a Life Vision and having Personal Transformations, I would be happy to do a deeper dive on this topic be it in the form of interviews, public speaking, panel or workshops.

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