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Tarot Fairy Godmother

Romantic Suitor Numerology Reading (Video Call)

Romantic Suitor Numerology Reading (Video Call)

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Suitable for:

Single and unattached individuals who would like to have the essential information to assess a potential romantic suitor before investing their time and energy into a relationship or union.


This is a tiered offering that reveals:

Basic - 30 Minutes

  • Their primary & secondary personality.
  • The numeric codes that shape their character, strengths, weaknesses & potential.
  • How they manage their finances.
  • Their hidden trait(s).


     Premium - 60 Minutes

    • Suitable careers & businesses.
    • Their relationship with their parents.
    • Potential ailments.
    • Ancestral Inherited potential(s).
    • Everything from previous tiers.



    Kindly note that if your romantic suitor is part of twins, you will need their parents' full birth date as well.

    This service acts as a reference & guide to the natural tendencies as well as potentials of your romantic suitor. As an individual with free will, you are responsible for who you choose to be in a relationship with or marry. 



    • 30 to 60-minute Zoom video call depending on tier selected.



    • You are encouraged to have a pen and notebook ready to take notes during the session.
    • Recording of the session is available (additional charges apply). The video will be uploaded as an unlisted video on Youtube and the private link will be given to you.
    • This allows you to have continued access to your consultation session without having to store the actual video file.
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