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Compatibility Numerology Reading (Video Call)

Compatibility Numerology Reading (Video Call)

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Suitable for:

Those who would like to know the compatibility potential between them and another individual. It can be between romantic partners, business partners as well as parent and child.



Single Chart - 30 Minutes

  • Generates your combined chart to see the primary & secondary energy of your partnership.
  • The strength & challenges of your partnership.
  • Your combined financial energy.
  • The hidden dynamics within the partnership.


    Triple Chart -  90 Minutes

    • Generates both partner's individual chart & combined chart.
    • Allows us to see the energy and traits that both individuals bring into the partnership.
    • Inspects the ancestral inherited traits of both individuals.
    • Everything from previous tier.



    • 30 to 90-minute Zoom video call depending on the tier chosen.
    • You are encouraged to have a pen and notebook ready to take notes during the session if you choose not to record the session.


    Important Note:

    Kindly note that if you and/or the other person are part of twins, you will need your/their parents' full birth dates as well.



    • Recording of the session is available (additional charges apply). The video will be uploaded as an unlisted video on Youtube & the private link sent to you.
    • Enjoy continued access to your consultation session without having to store the actual video file.



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