In Person Vs Online Tarot Reading, Which One Is Better?

In Person Vs Online Tarot Reading, Which One Is Better?

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Between in person and online Tarot readings, which one is better? Which one is more effective? I find that I get asked this question a lot from my clients. There is also a common presumption that in person Tarot readings are better because the client would be in close proximity with me, hence the energy of the reading would be "stronger". Kind of like how Wifi works. Hehe...


The truth is, both in person and online Tarot readings are equally effective. Proximity does not effect how "strong" or "weak" the energy of a Tarot reading is. So in a nutshell, in terms of efficacy the answer is neither one is better than the other.


Now if you want to measure in terms of the effect on the senses however, of course there is a difference. Even though I try my utmost best to make my online Tarot reading sessions as interactive as possible by showing the cards and explaining what I am seeing, undeniably it cannot replace having a close proximity human to human interaction between myself and my clients.


I am also not strict with my clients handling my Tarot cards and so for in person Tarot sessions, if my clients would like to touch the cards and pick them up to take a closer look (after asking for my permission of course), I usually allow them to do so.



I would say it is a matter of preference. If you want to delve in the experience of having a closer contact with me and the cards during your reading, than an in person reading would be more suitable for you. Whereas if geographical location is an issue OR if you prefer to receive the wisdom that the Tarot cards have to offer in the comforts of your own home and space, then online sessions would serve you best.


I hope that this will help to give clarification on the subject. In the mean time let me know which one would you prefer, in person or online Tarot reading sessions?


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