Hi there, I'm Anette!


Anette S. Robert_Spiritual Life Coach_Tarot Fairy Godmother

Having been allowed into my clients’ innermost world for over 4 years as a professional Tarot reader, the experience has made me a BIG believer that if we are able to be ourselves and live a life we love, the world will be a happier, better place. Hence as a Spiritual Life Coach, I have made it my mission to do just that!


Using coaching techniques, Tarot, and Numerology, I help you understand what led you to be where you are today, facilitate your healing journey as well as guide you in rediscovering who truly are and connecting with your Inner Compass to create a life you love!


I also offer Tarot reading consultations to give clarity and guidance on your situation so that you will be able to navigate it successfully moving forward. On top of that, I teach the art of Basic Taromancy through my comprehensive course and workbook to those who would like to access the wisdom that Tarot has to offer.


Lastly, I provide Numerology birthdate calculations for you to understand yourself (and/or others) as well as to tap into your natural gifts to live up to your full potential!


I look forward to working with you and to lending a hand in your journey of transformation!


Much love,