New Soulpreneur? 3 Tips to Start Out With Confidence.

New Soulpreneur? 3 Tips to Start Out With Confidence.

Hello loves! 

Recently several people have been asking me for advice and input about being a Soulpreneur. Their questions brought me back to when I first started my professional Tarot reading business a few years ago and there was one memory that stood out to me the most.


I had just launched my business and website on March 6, 2019 and was to attend a luncheon in conjunction with Women's Day two days later. I knew that there would be mingling as well as networking and inevitably the question "So, what do you do?" would crop up.


I was torn between taking the easy route - saying that I just came back from my job contract overseas and waiting for the next one, and being honest - telling a bunch of polished as well as accomplished women (some of which are of the same age as my mum) that I was a professional Tarot reader. 


In my mind I could already imagine the puzzled expressions as well as the question "What is that?" that would be sure to follow if I chose to introduce myself as such. I mean, how do you explain what Tarot readings are and what a Tarot reader does to people of that demographic? Tarot reading wasn't even mainstream in Malaysia at that point, let alone in Sabah.


I can still remember the moment when the first lovely lady asked me that "dreaded" question. I paused, still not knowing what to say and internally it seemed like those few seconds stretched on for hours. I felt like I was standing at the edge of a precipice, about to make the most important decision of my life.


My heart whispered, "So what is it going to be? Do you step back from the edge and play it safe, or do you step forward into the abyss by claiming your new career path?"


I took a deep breath and with as much courage as I could muster, said, "I am a professional Tarot reader. In fact I just launched my business a few days ago." She tilted her head slightly and asked what Tarot was. So I explained.


I don't remember what I said exactly to be honest (knowing me, I am sure I had a short explanation already prepared. Lol!), but what I remembered the most was that her eyes widened in surprise and her warmly saying, "How interesting! Good luck to you on your new business!" while gently patting me on the shoulder.


That was a defining moment for me. I had stepped over a difficult hurdle - redefining who I was as well as what I do AND stating it publicly for the first time. That just made it REAL for me. Her positive reaction certainly helped to give me an even greater boost of confidence of course, but I would not have been at the receiving end of it had I not decided to OWN what I do in the first place.



As you can see, it is so easy to shy away from talking about what we do and taking up space as a new soulpreneur whether it is as a side hustle or doing it full time. That is not even taking into account the imposter syndrome that can seem to insistently loom over our head at this point of time.


So what can we do to have the courage and confidence to share our gifts to the world as new soulpreneurs? Here are some of the things I did that really helped me when I started out in my soul-centered business:


1. Be good at what you do at whatever level you're at. Nobody is expecting perfection, but the stronger your knowledge & foundation, the more confident you will be in your ability to serve your clients or customers.

In order to do that, you need to spend the time nurturing your craft. Practice whenever possible whether it is for free or at a starter rate. Remember that you are not losing money here, but gaining valuable insights and experience that is worth its weight in goal in your journey as a Soulpreneur.


2. Be prepared. Take the time to sit down and package your offer. Have a price list ready as well as what is included or not included in your product or service. Determine your working hours. Have a system or clear process in place for how people can get in touch with you or engage in your services.

Preparing this will help to make your business real to you and your subconscious mind. It also ensures that you won't get caught off guard and fumble when someone actually ask for more details on your business, products or services.


3. It's normal to feel some level of anxiety especially when serving your first few clients. Not knowing what to expect can be downright uncomfortable. If you have the tendency to conjure worse-case scenarios, take the time to list them down.

Next, brainstorm the possible solution or compensation that you could offer should that unfavorable situation actually happen. Having these concerns figured out will allow you to relax a bit more and better able to enjoy the process of serving your clients even at the early stages of your business.


I hope that these tips would help you to confidently go out into the world, show up and unapologetically share your gifts with those you are meant to serve.


Until the next one.


Much love,




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