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Basic Taromancy - A Smart & Fun Way to Learn Tarot (Ebook + Workbook)

Basic Taromancy - A Smart & Fun Way to Learn Tarot (Ebook + Workbook)

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✨ Digital format.

✨ Interactive & fun. Words that are bold and underlined in paragraphs will bring you to external sites that give you more info. Some links even bring you to Youtube videos for an immersive experience!

✨ Inclusive of:
🪄 53-page Tarot exercise pages.
🪄 Expanded Tarot Keywords
(Cards in the upright position).
🪄 Expanded Tarot Keywords
(Cards in the reversed position).

✨ Suitable for ultra beginners to upper beginners.

Basic Taromancy: A Smart & Fun Way to Learn Tarot aims to give you a strong foundation in your Tarot knowledge so that by the end of it, you will have the ability to successfully interpret the cards from any Tarot deck that you come across, with or without a guidebook. You will also be able to understand and remember the Tarot card meanings easily without relying heavily on memorization alone.

Lastly, this product serves as a guide for would-be Tarot readers to curate their own Tarot practice so they can get the best experience and outcome from their Tarot reading sessions.

A must-have for anyone who is starting out on their Tarot learning journey, it can also lend useful insights to those who already have some of the basic knowledge in the art of Taromancy.

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