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Tarot Fairy Godmother

Yearly Birthday Navigational Compass (Tarot + Numerology) - Video Call

Yearly Birthday Navigational Compass (Tarot + Numerology) - Video Call

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Each birthday, you enter a new Personal Year which carries a certain energy and vibration. These energies can give support as well as pose challenges in certain aspects of your life from finances and career to love and relationships. 

Hence, the purpose of this blended service of Tarot & Numerology aims to:

  • look into your Personal Year energy and the aspects of your life it supports and poses challenges in.
  • uncover the unique gifts and opportunities for the year.
  • look into you Money energy of the year.
  • give guidance on how to navigate these energies overall, and on a monthly basis for the next 12 months.
  • Discuss any plans that you may have for the year ahead and how to make it a success.



    • A 90-minute Zoom video call.
    • You are encouraged to have a pen and notebook ready to take notes during the session if you choose not to record the session.



    • Recording of the session is available (additional charges apply). The video will be uploaded as an unlisted video on Youtube & the private link sent to you.
    • Enjoy continued access to your consultation session without having to store the actual video file.



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